"We are the team of proactive and creative people, brought together by the magic spirit of Lviv - the City of Lion. Our main advantage is the complete production cycle - from idea generating to its graphic simulation, to final manufacturing, with close overseeing of the processes at each stage."

What do we do

We engage our vibe, our energy, knowledge and artfulness, our professionalism and experience into the business that will enrich you with unforgettable positive emotions and lively experience.
We manufacture our products so they are of exclusively high quality, using only natural and certified materials. It's no tall talk: when you have any of them in your palm, you can feel its identity.
We develop and implement only new projects, no copying of other products on the market!
We ensure that our project mechanics & story-lines of the games are diverse and address all age categories. They carefully incorporate our clients' traditions, sets of mind and psychology.
We love good illustration: we believe that kids should dwell amid beauty since early childhood. Therefore our project design process comprises at all times cooperation with the team of professional artists and illustrators
We are open for cooperation with all imaginative individuals who love to create unusual games and develop unique game mechanics. Through this mutually beneficial cooperation, we will help the best of your ideas and skills get materialized in new products.
We engage
We ensure
We develop
We love
We are open

Game designing

Products of 'TAKA MAKA' Games Bureau are produced for a broad spectrum of lovers good & exciting things; for kids and adults of all ages. Game design, mechanics definition, and materials selection – all these undergo extensive testing stage by means of focus-groups that represent different age, interests and other parameters. We engage mathematicians, psychologists, teachers, professional theater artists and other specialists. Each of our projects is a unique and in-a-class-by-itself one.