D'you have an interesting and nontrivial game concept and its mechanics? - You're our partner, let's talk it over! D'you have a ready-to-go game: its mechanics developed & tested; rules & procedures described and laid out; design decided - but not sure how to produce and realize? - You're our client, come see us! TAKA MAKA Games Bureau will offer favorable terms of collaboration and provide all support for bringing your idea to life
TAKA MAKA Games Bureau is open for product creation, development and realization not only in Ukraine but as well beyond by means of production allocation for our supreme products manufacturing under the TAKA MAKA brand. Our production capacities and the equipment ensure manufacturing products of any complexity and in full compliance with high quality standards. We are looking for cooperation with you!
  • We offer flexible and comfortable cooperation conditions:
  • – transparent and clear contractual terms
  • – individualized approach to formulating wholesale prices and flexibility of pricing with regard to sales volume
  • – comfortable logistics & shipping
  • – overseeing observation of same prices by all retailers
  • – media and marketing support
  • – customer loyalty programs and promotional campaigns for individual outlet or chains
  • TAKA MAKA Games Bureau offers games development or adaptation to specific requirements in order to best meet your individual requirements or requests.
  • – If you wish to surprise-to-the-upside your colleagues and partners - or maybe even your competitors! - by presenting a unique treat in the form of an interesting and 'personalized' game that builds upon your corporate identity and promotes your products in a subtle and creatively different style? - Come visit us!
  • – If you want to kindle interest of your employees and enhance their faith for the company, by creating a game that builds upon your company's values and its corporate spirit? - Come see us!
  • – If you want to play with your company's character or simulate it with the employees in its whole integrity? - Come see us!